About Us 關於紐約勵馨
Board of Directors 

​Ms. Lee-Lee Chang (Chair) 
Ms. Alison Fung (Secretary)
Ms. Emily Lin (Treasurer)
Ms. Hui-Jung Chi 
Dr. Grace Hong
Dr. Ay-Woan Pan
Dr. Hung-En Sung

Advisory Committee

Ms. Su Chang 
Ms. Heather Chao 
Ms. Katy Chiang 
Mr. Jason Fu 
Ms. Lily Lee
Ms. Ellen Lii 
Ms. Nora Chang Wang 
Ms. Veronica Wong

Executive Director
Yuanfen "Kristen" L. Chi

Most organizations advocating for a certain type of “victims” or “survivors” are usually characterized by powerful testimonies from outspoken individuals, who have gone through the experience, as well as their friends and families. But it’s hard for survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault and human trafficking and their families to be as forthright. Shame, alienation, judgment, criticism, stigma, unreasonable burden—as frontline social workers, we are deeply empathetic to their pain. Protecting them from secondary trauma is our basic responsibility. In the love of Jesus Christ, to “speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute” (Proverb 31:8) and to help them heal and rebuild physically, emotionally, and spiritually are our mission. May Garden of Hope  become a pottery delighted in the eyes of God to provide them with a garden of hope, while inspiring more people to become gardeners of love to address the injustice in society!

From rescuing and counseling battered women and their children to servicing serious dysfunctional families, we achieve the following goals through hotline, counseling, legal aid, emergency shelter, support group, employment training, parenting education, and summer camp for exposed children:
  •  Assisting battered women in escaping abusive environment and strengthen their ability to protect themselves and self-sustainability.
  • Assisting parents, who are entrapped in situations relating to child abuse due to language and cultural factors, in positive parenting.
  • Assist children and youths, who experience domestic violence or sexual assault, in restoring their resilience.

Every heartbreaking story is different, but the path to recovery is always lengthy. In the process of accompanying about a thousand women and children, we spread the love of God to them. We help them understand the previous relationship we have with the Lord as His children, restore the glory as He intended when creating us, and experience the abundance in Christ.

In addition to rescuing services, Garden of Hope NY is also engaged in promoting social justice, advocating for harmony and nonviolence in families, and its preventive work. Through mass media, community activities, parade, workshops and outreach in local churches and organizations, preventing domestic violence, human trafficking, dating violence, senior abuse and child abuse require our collaboration. Knowledge produces power, with action come change. Thanks all the supporters and volunteers for walking with us, letting love soar, and sailing toward hope!

Our Mission
Through the love of God, Garden of Hope is dedicated to serving, caring and rebuilding the lives of whom have been exposed to domestic violence, sexual assault and human trafficking.


Our Beliefs
Women and men are equally created in the image of God; equally enjoy god’s given value and dignity. Everyone has rights to be treated with respect, to live a life free from fear, to say no to unjust treatment, and to refuse to assume responsibility of abuser’s wrong doing.


般為某種「受害人」或「倖存者」倡議的團體,都會有很多過來人及他們的親朋好友站出來做見證,並大聲發言。然而遭遇「家暴」、「性侵」、「人口販賣」的受害人及其家屬,多半寧願選擇沈默以及遺忘。羞恥、孤立、論斷、批評、污名,不合理的重擔,身為第一線社工,我們深刻瞭解她們以及愛她們之家人的痛,保護她們不要再受到二次傷害是基本責任,以耶穌基督的心為心,「為啞巴開口、為一切孤獨的伸冤」(箴31:8),幫助她們在身心靈各方面獲得全人醫治及重建,則是我們的使命。惟願紐約勵馨能成為神所喜悅的器皿, 給心靈破碎者一個希望的花園,同時感動更多的人成為愛心園丁,一起來改變社會中的不義。


  • 協助受虐婦女脫離被虐處境,增強自我保護及重建生活能力。
  • 協助因語言或文化因素陷入兒虐情境的家長發揮正向的親職功能。
  • 協助經歷家暴或性侵的兒童及青少女恢復生命復原力。

每個傷心的故事都不相同,然而復原的路都很漫長。在陪伴將近千位婦女及孩子的過程中,我們把 神的愛傳給他們,讓他們明瞭其屬神兒女寶貴的地位,恢復神起初創造人的榮美,並且經歷在主基督裡的豐榮。