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What We Do  服務項目

Garden of Hope New York

Help victims of abuse by providing hotline services, safety planning, crisis intervention, shelter options, legal referrals and advocacy. Provide assistance with filing Orders of Protection, public welfare and crime victims compensation.
Outreach to the community and educate the public through broadcasts, newspaper articles, workshops and trainings to raise public awareness of issues concerning domestic violence and sexual assault..
Prevent the cycle of domestic violence by working with children who witness or experience abuse. Prevent dating violence by educating youth. Provide free tutoring, mentoring and summer programs.
Empower survivors of domestic violence or sexual assault through counseling, support groups, vocational training, and spiritual support.​

Hotline and Crisis Intervention

As an organization in helping women and children from violence and abusive families, Garden of Hope New York Hotline for Chinese family violence is an exit offered to anyone in need of support in the community. Through the technological advanced use of the internet and other resources, we not only have received phone calls from victims living in New York, but also from many other states. Many Chinese immigrant women who came to this foreign land have language barriers that prevented them from seeking help through U.S. justice and legal assistance. Telephone, internet, Chinese and English translations, and many other resources revived the hope of the helpless. Professionally trained counselors not only will understand the victim’ s afflictions, they will also use appropriate law, information on social security, along with joint usage of telephone, internet, translations, and real effective support to bring hopes to the hopeless.

Legal Service and Referral

Women under abuse will not only need an order of protection. The abusers often use many different malicious ways to gain control over their victims. Examples are reporting fake information to the police, threatening with immigration status, confiscating their victim’s identification, intentionally abandoning them, declaring divorce with injustice reasons, not allowing their victims to see their children, not supporting their living expenses, and using their victims’ credit card, etc… Abused women might also face other problems of their own at the same time like house rent and other legal issues concerning minor financial dispute. We give thanks to the nonprofit service organizations involving New York Legal Assistance Group, Legal Aid Society, Sanctuary for Families, Queens Legal Service, CUNY Law School Main Street Clinic, Connect, and other similar organization that have been working with us. Their attorneys not only specialized in laws concerning family violence, but also show special care to abused women. The free legal aid they offered practically helped many women break away from their misery.














紐約勵馨長期合作之非營利法律服務機構,包括:Legal Aid Society, Queens Legal Service,New York Legal Assistance Group, Sanctuary for Families, CUNY Law School Main Street Clinic, 以及Connect等,他們的律師不只對家暴相關之法律學有專精,並且對受虐婦女有份特別的關懷,所提供之免費法律援助,很實際地協助婦女脫離苦海。

Emotional Support and Trauma Therapy

On regular cases, victims of violence and sexual assault often have many negative feelings buried deep inside and traumas that are nearly impossible to erase. Our social workers and counselors offer appropriate emotional supports and trauma therapy according to the clients’ needs. Other than some normal function meeting rooms, we also have a multifunctional expressive media room that allows children to express unspeakable truth through games and crafts; women are able to use sand arts to see the situation they are currently in and, by using it, to find a way out in life.

Children Services

​Nearly 84% of the battered women Garden of Hope-New York served have minor children; these battered mothers averaged 1.4 children. In addition to the common effects of childhood exposure to domestic violence such as aggressive behavior, depression and anxiety, poor social competence, and academic failure, deficient conflict resolution skills, pro-violence attitudes, and belief in rigid gender stereotypes, immigrant children often experience an aggravated sense of foreignness and abandonment, thus exacerbating the experience of rejection that began with mother’s battering and intensified with parental divorce. The problem is often worsened by discrimination, cultural dislocation, and lack of English proficiency. As a result, children may become withdrawn, hostile or depressed while their parents become a source of disturbance rather than a source of support.

We provide counseling, case management, summer camp, tutoring and support groups to children and youth who witnessed or have been exposed to domestic violence.

Shelter - Hope House
Garden of Hope-NY established Hope House in 2011, a bilingual emergency shelter. We provide a confidential and safe space for women and children. Our service including counseling, support group, job training and self esteem recovery programs. To help our client get back on their feet after leaving our shelter. Hope House; a place for healing; a space for growing; a home for people to rebuild their lives. 

Public Education 
Outreach to the community and educate public through broadcast, newspaper articles, workshops and trainings to raise the public awareness of issues concerning domestic violence and sexual assault. Prevent the cycle of domestic violence by working with the children who witness or experience the abuse. Prevent dating violence by educating youth. Provide free tutoring, mentoring and summer programs.

Case Management
We help survivors deal with complex circumstances, access suitable resources including housing, public welfare, education, health, legal and other social services. 

Support Groups
Facilitated by trained counselors, we have various support groups, provide women and youth the opportunity to connect with others who have similar experiences. 




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